1 in 10 pregnant women consume alcohol while pregnant

Fetal alcohol syndrome causes lifelong physical and cognitive impairments. Health care professionals can step up efforts to help curb the escalating problem.    

Women of child-bearing age who might become pregnant are consuming alcoholic beverages, an activity that puts their babies’ health at risk. New mothers who breastfeed and ingest alcohol are also endangering their children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says one in 10 pregnant women ages 18 to 44 reported consuming beer, wine or liquor. About one-third of those affirmative respondents reported binge drinking in the previous 30 days. The CDC defines binge drinking as consuming four or more drinks on one occasion in the past four weeks.

Babies who suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome can be born with:

  • Defective ears, eyes or mouths

  • Weakened immune systems

  • Malfunctions of the heart

How are you and your medical team spreading the word to patients and the community at large?

This infographic can help you shed light on a growing problem that has far-reaching effects:


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