22 safety tips for Halloween

Communicators looking for a burst of content can use these ideas as the wee ghosts and goblins venture out this weekend.

Nearly 90 percent of parents say their children participate in Halloween-related activities.

SafeKids.org reports that most parents speak to their kids and teenagers about pedestrian safety and costumes prior to community and school festivities.

Still, excessive sugary treats, ill-fitting costumes and unsafe eye makeup can spoil the fun.

To help keep children safe as they canvass neighborhoods, health care providers can offer the suggestions from Gerber’s infographic.

For example, adults should make sure that youngsters:

  • Wear costumes, masks and shoes that are well-fitting; costumes should be flame-resistant.

  • Test makeup and face paint on a small area before a full application.

  • Use flashlights or glow sticks for nighttime trick-or-treating.

  • Visit only well-lighted houses.

  • Eat the collected goodies only after returning home and after an adult has inspected the items.

See all the tips:

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