3 reasons why a physician’s online reputation is essential

More than 80 percent of consumers go online to read information about docs.

Why is a physician’s online reputation important?

Because (by most reliable studies), 80 percent of consumers go online to read information about doctors.

The only accreditation most consumers believe is crowd-sourced reviews. That doesn’t mean they believe everything they read, but they find both positive and negative information helpful when making a decision about provider care.

Because managing physician information online (so by default, reputation) is the best and fastest way to positively impact patient health between appointments.

This is a huge patient care opportunity. Everything you wish your patients knew—about managing their health, the operations at your office, the bio of physician and staff, increasing the probability of key follow up appointments—can be easily managed online where reputation is defined.

Because managing your reputation is the best way to get the patients you want.

I recently heard a pediatric office complain that they get tons of calls for back-to-school physicals. They don’t want that kind of business because they specialize in pediatric pulmonology. I said, “Great! You can distribute that information online while you define your reputation.” But wait—they also don’t want routine asthmatic kids—because they sub-specialize in pediatric sleep disorders (which are usually pulmonology-related).

Those docs could manage their digital presence, their reputation, and get found online by exactly the moms they want to find them—the moms that can’t get their kids to sleep.

Instead, today, because they are uninvolved in defining their reputation, they appear online to be a garden-variety pediatric practice.

This is important to remember: Who you are online is what you are to most consumers and other physicians.

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