3 steps to a better hospital video

Stop showing patients getting wheeled around on gurneys.

One thing that health care marketers have discovered is how effective video can be in attracting an audience, and a following. Stock video can spruce up any topic, even ones considered complicated or difficult. But that doesn’t mean everyone is using it in the right way, particularly in the field of health care. Here are some helpful suggestions to get the most out of your videos:

Abstract view

Too often, we default to telling stories and sharing information in the most obvious of ways. But video is an art form that calls for a variety of different methods and techniques. Ambulances offer the easiest opportunity to show off their bright colors in the form of an abstract clip. Everyone who watches a clip like that knows immediately what it represents and will brace for the following shot to discover whether the injured party made it through. You can use abstract clips for effective transitions from one section to the next.


With something as life or death as health care, you want to make the most of the space you have and to get people to feel something. You can implant seriousness and urgency through some of the techniques listed above, but ultimately it’ll come down to your ability to focus on an injured person. In these cases, take a lesson from Hollywood filmmakers and be sure to draw in close. Close-up shots will help connect the viewer to the subject. It goes a long way to helping your audience relate to the material and show care.

Money talks

One of the main mistakes that health care video filmmakers make is focusing too much on the sick patients or gurneys being wheeled into the hospital. We all have preconceived notions of what medical videos look like and you don’t want to fall victim to a cliché clip that will turn someone off. Instead, find an alternative way to stage drama and to do some visual storytelling. For example, tell the story of health care through the stiff financial costs involved. Money drives tension, and a carefully-placed clip of money related to health care will help tell the story.


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