3 things communicators should know about fake news

Join experts from Edelman, the Chicago Tribune and more for an eye-opening virtual summit.

The term “fake news” is used everywhere from the White House to newsrooms to social media feeds.

Although the phenomenon is clearly on the mind of consumers, misconceptions abound about what fake news really is and what it means for communicators.

The experts speaking at “Fact or Fiction: The 2018 #FakeNews VirtualSummit” want to shed a little light on the topic.

Here are a few lesser-known facts they’ll explore:

1. News outlets have careful processes to vet sources—and communicators and audiences should be aware of them.

2. By responding quickly to social media rumors, you can keep them from hurting your brand’s reputation.

3. Understanding what leads audiences to trust a source is crucial to combatting fake news.

Get the facts you need to protect your organization from the dangers of fake news and gain the trust of audiences. Join us from your desk on Nov. 9 for this eye-opening virtual summit.

You’ll hear from the experts at Edelman, the Chicago Tribune and more.

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