3 ways to plan for a crisis before it strikes

Don’t get caught off guard by threats to your reputation. Follow these expert tips to plan for the worst.

“That could never happen to us.”

Has that thought ever crossed your mind as you watched yet another large organization get embroiled in a major public scandal?

It’s not just big organizations like Pepsi and United Airlines that are vulnerable to crises. Social media has made all organizations more visible than ever. How you react to consumer outrage, natural disasters or even presidential tweets could make or break your reputation.

The middle of a crisis is not the time to start forming your response strategy. Craft a proactive plan by following these tips from the experts speaking during the Crisis Communications Virtual Summit on Oct. 13:

1. Develop scenario worksheets for potential crises, and run drills to identify pitfalls in your plan

2. Build trust with key journalists before a crisis breaks out—and understand their expectations

3. Use your organization’s blog to quickly stop rumors and misinformation from circulating

Register for this virtual summit and you’ll get more of the battle-tested strategies and tactics used by the American Red Cross, Discover Financial Services and the Lukaszewski Group. Without leaving your desk, you’ll be prepared to conquer any crisis with ease.

Register here to save $50.


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