4 unconventional infographics formats

Ragan’s Advanced Data Communications and Infographics Workshops will give communicators the tools to think visually and create shareable infographics.    

Great infographics do not have to be filled with bar graphs and word clouds. Here are four alternatives for the idea-strapped communicator:

  1. Periodic table of… Business jargon. Canceled TV shows. Marketing tactics. The list goes on.

  2. Old-school machine: How is your company structured? Instead of a boring flow chart, picture your production team as a steam engine, marketing as the drivetrain and the CEO as the engineer.

  3. Monopoly board: This classic tribute to capitalism can also be used to describe hierarchies. Boardwalk and Park Place are the most expensive. Setbacks like jail and taxes are almost inevitable.

  4. “Game of Thrones” opening: The iconic opening, presenting the seven kingdoms as animated fortresses, is immediately recognizable and ripe for spoofing.

If you need more than inspiration, our Advanced Data Communications and Infographics workshop will teach you to distill large amounts of information into attractive, shareable infographics.

Led by data visualization expert Bill Shander, these workshops are held around the country and offer hands-on training for experienced communicators to step up their infographics game.

See when the Advanced Data Communications Infographics Workshop will be near you here.

If you’re not ready for the advanced workshop, we’re also holding an Infographics Basics for Communicators Workshop—check out the cities and dates here.

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