4 ways to help employees achieve weight loss goals

You can help communicate the message of wellness.

According to the results of a recent poll by ComPsych, weight loss is the top employee health concern.

Depending on the type of business you may be in, you may not necessarily view physical fitness as extremely relevant to the success of our company. But as employers, we certainly want our employees feeling focused and productive during their time at work.

One way that we can do this is by helping them address concerns that are weighing on their minds, whether they are directly work-related or not.

While weight-loss is not always the easiest subject to discuss, it’s important that employers willingly offer a helping hand. Here are a few ways that you could help your employees confidently address their weight-loss goals:

Create a health-conscious environment in the office: As employees deal with stress in their daily work activities, many times that often leads to poor food choices. Employers can help prevent this by keeping the workplace stocked with healthful snacks and drinks. Also, encouraging employees to take breaks during the day can lead to physical and mental benefits.

Regularly provide resources that address weight-loss strategies: While many employees may have weight-loss as their No. 1 goal, they may feel that they are too busy to research the best ways to accomplish it. Employers should share wellness-related information in the form of newsletters, recipes, video presentations, posters, and more.

Promote and encourage participating in a Workplace Wellness Program: Many workplace wellness programs are often heavily promoted when they are initially launched—but as other priorities creep in, the promotion may come to a halt. Employers should find ways to consistently highlight the features and benefits that the existing wellness program offers throughout the year. This may help to increase awareness and participation in various activities.

Become a supportive partner: While this is not always the case, many find that it’s easier to accomplish their fitness goals when they have a supportive partner by their side (or in this case, in the office). If possible, be willing to share your own goals and initiatives with fellow employees. Also, by preparing for and participating in fitness challenges with your employees, you’ll build company culture and help all to achieve their fitness goals.

This article originally appeared on our website in May 2013.

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