4 ways to help employees understand benefits

Online videos are a simple, quick way to help explain complicated matters.

As a human resources director, it’s important to educate your employees about the current benefits that are offered to them. One way that we recommend doing this is by producing Total Compensation Statements.

However, how can an employer know if its employees truly understand their benefits?

Here are four ways to conduct that research:

  • Employee Surveys: Creating and distributing employee surveys by email and online channels can be an effective way to receive feedback. By posing questions regarding your employee’s awareness and knowledge of their current benefit plans and options, you’ll be able to improve future decisions.
  • Online video presentations: Online video continues to grow in importance when it comes to HR communications. Not only can a video presentation highlight key factors regarding your employee benefits plan, but it can also incorporate interactive quiz-like features. This can ensure that your message is truly reaching employees.
  • Company intranet: Developing the framework and content for a company intranet or online portal certainly requires an up-front investment. But to truly maximize its value, employers should use it to engage with their employees as well. One way to do this is by linking to surveys and forms that allow them to gauge an employee’s knowledge of benefit programs and plans
  • Internal focus group: Face-to-face meetings with employees certainly can prove to be beneficial in terms of understanding their thoughts regarding their benefits. However, many factors (resources, number of employees, location of employees) may make sitting with each individual impossible. Thus, creating a focus group that is made up of employees with varying criteria (job titles, tenure, plan participation, etc.) may help to gauge the general understanding inside your company of the benefits offered.

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