4 ways University Hospitals of Cleveland competes digitally

Imagine competing against 22 hospitals in a 25-mile radius. This is how one health care provider cut through the clutter.

It’s not easy becoming the hospital of choice for your community when there’s an abundance of options. Add tech-savvy consumers into the mix and the competition is grueling.

It can be done.

Communicators at University Hospitals of Cleveland are getting things done.

This hospital doesn’t rely on traditional billboards, advertising or TV spots to reach their audience. Instead, they talk to patients on social media. That’s because a whopping 41% of people say social media would affect their choice of a hospital or medical facility.

Here’s how UH attracts patients digitally:

  • Provide a crisp and clean website, chock full of helpful information that’s easy to navigate. This is always a plus for consumers seeking information quickly and easily.
  • Maintain an active Facebook page, which boasts some 59,418 followers. It offers a mix of hospital information, health tips and timely stories.
  • Archive a wealth of health-information videos on its YouTube channel, including a fun lip-synch video on their home page. The clip features the staff at their children’s hospital, Rainbow Babies.

In addition, My UH Care is a platform that gives patients access to their health records in one convenient place. Patients can log in by using their computer, smartphone or tablet. UH gave patients what they want: a tool to make health care simple and convenient.

This post by Nancy Jean was originally published here.


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