5 moments that will make a social media pro’s day

Likes and retweets are nice, but hearing from experts at Amazon, TED and Southwest Airlines is even better

Complaints from angry customers. Legal snafus. Nonexistent engagement on a post you labored over for hours.

A lot of things can leave a social media pro feeling defeated. But some moments make it all worthwhile.

Take these, for example:

1. When a celebrity retweets you and you try not to feel too starstruck

2. Being able to show—in dollars—the overwhelming success of your last campaign

3. Crafting the perfect witty post that has you laughing at your desk

4. Seeing your content truly resonate with your audience and remembering why you became a communicator

5. Getting to learn from experts during the Social Media & DigitalCommunications Conference Webcast

The live conference is sold out, but you can still join us virtually on July 24–25 for two days of information-packed sessions led by communicators at Amazon, TED, KFC, Southwest Airlines and more.

You’ll learn proven strategies to craft more engaging content, win the hearts of audiences and have a lot more victories to celebrate each day.

Register here to save $100.


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