5 steps to unblocking social media at your hospital

If you want to open up access to Facebook, you need a plan. Read this.

According to QuantiaMD, 67 percent of physicians use social media professionally, and the ability to always be connected is essential to making online social networking manageable. Health care professionals may eventually fall behind in their social networking efforts if hospitals continue to have those capabilities blocked.

Below are the first steps to beginning the process of unblocking social media at your hospital.

1. Create a committee

  • Invite those with varying backgrounds
  • Develop a plan of action

2. Examine the reasons why social media is blocked

  • Ask why
  • Identify fears and misconceptions

3. Reach out to peers and competitors

  • Listen and learn what is working
  • Ask them directly of their experience with unblocking

4. Create a Social Media Policy

  • Be concise and clear
  • Publicize the policy

5. Prove the benefits of social media

  • Discuss the latest studies and trends; visit stopblocking.org
  • Provide measurable numbers; speak the decision maker(s)’ language
  • Identify social media as a natural evolution of communication

Read more from Lori Bruss at The Roberts Group.

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