5 tech-driven health care trends you mustn’t ignore

The lines that have separated marketing, IT and patient care are becoming increasingly blurry. However, one thing is clear: Digital health care hinges on people and communication.    

The adage, “Keep your eye on the prize,” still rings true in today’s technology-driven world. In health care, people are the prize.

Successful health care communicators—and their employers—are gaining momentum because their eyes are laser-focused on the individuals who use devices, gadgets and apps.

For example, Accenture’s infographic reveals the benefits of a “platform economy” that joins:

  • The cloud and Internet of Things (EHRs and online appointment scheduling)

  • Open source data (information from wearables and rewards offers)

  • Business models (Billing and equipment sensors)

One noteworthy statistic: Only 7 percent of patients surveyed said they’d switched providers due to poor customer experience. However, that translates to a cost of $100 million in annual revenue per hospital.

People are the prize, and they have power.

Take a look:

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