6 reasons why chiropractors should blog

And other things chiros should know about using social media—and the media.

Steven Shoshany, D.C., knows how to spread the word about his specialty—just join Dr. Oz on his show and do and adjustments live on TV.

You’re thinking, “Yeah, right. Shoshany was on there. Fat chance I’ve got of getting on a national television show.” Okay, don’t leave me yet, reader.

Every day, though, every health care practitioner who chooses to do so can have an audience to spread the word about his or her area of expertise. The whole world is your audience when you use social media.

Shosany shared with Chiroeco.com how he ended up on the March 3, 2011 Dr. Oz Show. It’s all part of the chiropractor’s media strategy.

When he chose chiropractic as his field, Shoshany learned that education is on-going.

“I’m always going to seminars to learn more, to keep up with cutting-edge principles and new techniques like Graston,” he says.

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Shoshany’s success came from promoting and teaching about chiropractic in print and on broadcast media. He has a YouTube channel and has been on local network news in the New York area. He’s appeared on the Today Show, Fox News, and the Dr. Oz Show. Shoshany is often called upon by reporters and producers wanting to talk with a spokesperson for the discipline.

“We do weekly uploads to YouTube on exercise and techniques, so people can see me and what I do before they come to my office,” Shoshany says.

This doctor says his good results spawn from maintaining open communications with the media. His tips are clear and make sense.

“I always respond to emails,” he says. “I use Digg and other social media. More and more people are getting their medical information from Facebook—you’ve got to be out there and they will find you.”

When Dr. Oz’s producer called him, Shoshany says, “I had my cell phone on me while I was at the gym. A producer called me from the show and asked if I wanted to talk about a recent study on back pain. You never say no.”

Chiroeco says Shoshany is a big believer in social marketing and Web 2.0 strategies. He uses Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, so it’s easier for patients to find him. He even uses webinars to teach people about things like herniated discs and sciatica.

Shosany says his social media and marketing efforts aren’t labor intensive.

“I work on promotional activities in the morning before going to the office, while commuting, and after work,” he says.

And, he’s got some staff to help.

Chiro social media in the heartland

Julie Stroebel of MyWebTimes recently wrote of small business owners in the LaSalle County, Ill. area who use social media.

She writes that Dan Farrell, who owns Farrell Chiropractic in Ottawa, first got online seven years ago with his website. He’s added Facebook and YouTube pages. Stroebel says that “while the website outlines the business details, social media pages can show a more personable side to a business by providing two-way interaction.” Farrell used the Facebook page to let patients know the office would be closed when his wife had their first child and to share progress of the practice’s December toy drive. He also uses Facebook to promote upcoming events.

What you’ve been waiting for

Okay, we know. You came to this article to learn the six reasons why chiropractors should blog. Dr. Patrick McNamara penned this list more than two years ago, but we think his words of wisdom still have value. We thought you would, too.

1. Attracting an audience

2. Informing your audience

3. Retaining your audience

4. Energizing your audience

5. Recruiting people

6. Responding to people

You’ll want to read his blog post, too, for that’s where McNamara tells why each of these reasons is important. Previously published material.


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