7 reasons why hospital blogging is easy

Sorry. ‘I can’t write’ is not an excuse.

“Without a blog, there really is no point in doing anything with social media,” says a recent blog post by Susan Giurleo, PhD on KevinMD.com. This blog post will dispel any concerns you have about blogging.

One of the most common excuses from health care communicators is “I can’t write!” But here is a secret about blogging:

“It isn’t a thesis or dissertation,” Giurleo says. “In fact, it should be the opposite of academic writing. Blog posts that are (written in) simple, straightforward language will be most helpful to your readers.”

Giurleo shares these seven morsels of blogging wisdom:

  • If you have a specialty, you write about that.
  • Chances are good you do have time to blog.
  • Blog posts that are simple, straightforward and in casual language will be most helpful to your readers.
  • Once you have a blog, now you can add actual social media to your tool box.
  • Write a blog post and tweet it to your followers with a link back to your blog.
  • Keep your Twitter stream professional. Do not tweet anything you wouldn’t want a client to know.
  • Never post any information about clients, even if identities are eliminated.

“Why engage in social media? Giurleo says. “My honest answer: to help as many people as you can by educating them about something you know lots about. Sharing that knowledge will improve people’s lives.”

This story originally appeared on KevinMD.


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