Are you talking to patients about advance directives?

See how The Gift Initiative of Alive Hospice gets the conversation started.

The Gift Initiative of Alive Hospice launched a public awareness campaign this holiday season designed to help educate people about the importance of advance directives.

Why do this during the holiday season? The people at The Gift Initiative say there is no better gift to give the people you love—or yourself—than filling out an advance directive form and having the conversation with those you love about your end-of-life care preferences.

The “gift of conversation” gives you the power to protect the people you love by letting them know what you would want.

The Gift Initiative’s a public awareness campaign includes social media initiatives, educational outreach programs, fact sheets, advertising, a new logo, a rack card, a refreshed website, partnership marketing, and media relations in an effort to help educate the public on the need for advance directives.

The awareness campaign involved volunteers, partners and several famous Nashville residents to help spread the word about advance directives in creative ways. For example, the campaign has been sharing photos of people with images of ‘The Gift’ and posting them on social media channels.


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