Baystate Wing Hospital video captures the human side of health care

A visit to the ER ends with an unexpected duet between a patient and a physician.

You don’t need big-budget ideas, storyboards and expensive equipment to capture authentic moments for your hospital’s next viral video.

Stories of compassion and connection hidden in chance encounters are just waiting to be revealed. Don’t let them go unnoticed.

A video from Baystate Wing Hospital in Palmer, Massachusetts, shows what happens when Dr. Donald Chiulli, the physician on duty in the emergency department, realizes he has something in common with a patient there. Upon learning that Lydia Tanne was a performer and that they both speak French, Dr. Chiulli and Tanne steal a bit of time to sing “La Vie en Rose.”

With 15,849 views, 382 likes, 175 shares and 81 comments, this video illustrates how even the simplest interactions in your hospital can offer positive exposure for your brand on social media.

Take a look:



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