Build your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses

Ragan workshops provide daylong deep dives on your doorstep. Save $150 on all workshops through Dec. 31.

Research shows that it’s more effective for professionals to focus on developing their strengths than expending effort to improve upon their weaknesses.

The caveat: Even the most masterful professional still needs a basic level of skill in categories like writing, social media and storytelling to let his or her other strengths shine.

Ragan Workshops allow you to work on your core strengths and improve those that are lacking.

Mark Ragan, Jim Ylisela and other experienced communicators lead these daylong deep dives into subjects that are vital to communicators. Topics include strategic communications, video production, crisis communications, storytelling and more.

The following workshops take place around the country— register for any of them by Dec. 31 to save $150.

Strategic Communications Master Class

Storyteller’s Writing Workshop

Brand Journalism for the Influential Communicator Workshop

Turning Managers into Communicators Workshop

Crisis Communications Master Class

Hands-on Video and Visual Storytelling Workshop

Immerse your team in practical knowledge in an area of your choosing. Sign up now!


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