Caring and compassion extend to internal hospital comms

At Baystate Health, communicators have tapped real patients’ stories from employees to create an award-winning video. The segment is lauded for capturing the hospital’s overall mission.

Internal communication in most organizations involves collaboration.

At Baystate Health in Springfield, Massachusetts, staffers joined with clinicians to celebrate specifically how providers deliver high-quality care.

Dawn Chipman, senior communications specialist and video producer at Baystate Health, says the 1:36 minute clip titled “Together” is based on personal experiences that employees shared with her and another producer.

“The video highlights how we treat each other, and it emphasizes the human connection made at Baystate Health,” Chipman says. “Internally, the piece has become a theme video of sorts. We’ve used it on the hospital’s intranet. It’s been in our electronic and print newsletters and posted on our social media channels and website.

In an email interview with HealthCare Communication News, Chipman says:

Our recruiting department, foundation, Children’s Hospital and others use the video, too. We promoted the clip and built engagement by sharing the stories behind each scene and putting “Who’s Who?” stories about the people in the video online. It’s been shown at everything from senior leadership meetings to new employee orientations.

She adds that, in the past, communicators had asked employees to send them videos of themselves singing the soundtrack song, “Nothing More” by Alternate Routes. “We only shared those clips internally,” Chipman said.

What makes this in-house production so different? Chipman said her team has created other videos with caring and emotional messages, but “they’ve been video profiles of team members.”

Take a look at the one segment that continues to stand out from the others: Previously published material.


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