Digitally engaged, chronically ill patients are happy with their health

Seventy percent of this specific market segment say they’re satisfied with their health, though many have frequented emergency departments. Maybe it’s a matter of attitude.    

There are intriguing differences between those patients with chronic health issues who are digitally active and those who are digitally inactive.

This infographic from #LivingBetter, offers insights about the two groups:

  • Of the 18 percent of chronic patients who frequently use digital technologies for health reasons, 70 percent define the state of their health as good, very good, or excellent.

  • Of that group, 43 percent said they had visited a hospital emergency room in the last six months.

  • About one-third (32 percent) were hospitalized for at least one night.

By comparison, digitally inactive patients, which represent 35 percent of those polled, said they were in similar health, however:

  • Only 20 percent of those patients went to the ER.

  • Only 11 percent were hospitalized over the same time period.

Could the positive mindsets of those who maintain online connections play an important part in these findings?


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