Grammar Girl has the answers to your AP style questions

Join bestselling author Mignon Fogarty from your desk for this can’t-miss webinar.

With so many new changes, even a seasoned pro can struggle to keep up with AP style rules.

Should you capitalize the first letter in “iPhone” when the brand name starts a sentence?

Is a cat stuck in a tree an “it” or a “she”?

When exactly should you use a serial comma?

These are the burning questions that New York Times bestselling author Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl, will answer during the 2018 AdvancedGrammar Girl Webinar.

Join her from your desk on Sept. 13 from 1–2:30 p.m. Central time and learn:

* Tricky apostrophe rules, such as how to make “Donald Trump Jr.” possessive

* New additions and updates to AP style, including words that can be offensive

* Guidance about numbers, such as why you sometimes write “nine” and sometimes “9”

* Quirky capitalization rules, such how to handle “the” in publication names

* When to use a comma after an introductory clause

* And more

Learn the AP style rules and updates all writers should know, and interact with Grammar Girl herself without leaving your office.

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