Holiday demands take a toll on adults—including communicators

Two in three people find the holidays exhausting. From eating unhealthful foods to increased alcohol consumption and enduring stressful festivities, the consequences can be dangerous.

Other people’s “happy holiday” photos are eliciting “Humbug!” sentiments on social media.

A survey from Caron, an addiction treatment facility, says high expectations associated with the season tend to disappoint people. The result? Overeating, drinking too much alcohol and unhealthy behaviors such as saying things they later regret.

According to Caron’s infographic:

  • Nearly 55 percent of people surveyed eat more unhealthful foods during the holidays.
  • Around 16 percent drink more alcohol throughout the holiday period than they do at other times of the year.
  • More than 30 percent of respondents have high expectations for the season and are usually disappointed.

The consequences outlined on the infographic are serious. Communicators, share this with patients and co-workers alike.


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