How health care communicators can tackle the data-loss epidemic

Cyber breaches at hospitals, clinics and physician offices are rampant. This infographic offers insights for crisis PR pros about how lapses occur. 

One in three health care patients in the U.S. had confidential data compromised in 2015.

Careless internal mistakes—such as phishing scams and poor password security—can explode into a system-wide cyberattack that brings unwanted headlines and damages reputations.

PR pros updating their crisis plans for 2017 can use this infographic as a guide to potential minefields. Take a look; the stats are eye-opening. For example:

· Seventy percent of major health care breaches result from stolen or missing portable hardware and devices with unencrypted data. The average for other industries is 19 percent.

· The cost of cleaning up a single compromised health care record is $407.

· Some 112 million patient records were lost in 2015.

Collaboration with IT, HR and other stakeholders will be crucial. Cybersecurity_healthcare


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