How millennial doctors communicate with patients

New research finds younger physicians have a ‘significant distrust of pharma’ and engage differently with patients from the way their seasoned colleagues do.

Millennial doctors prefer “simple and streamlined” communication. However, it’s not that easy, especially when the topic is prescription drugs.

This infographic finds that most young physicians struggle with data from pharmaceutical companies and how best to communicate that information to older patients. For example:

  • Around 65 percent of millennial providers don’t think information provided by pharma is fair and balanced.
  • Nearly 80 percent said they turn to pharma only as a secondary source of information.
  • Slightly more than 10 percent of young practitioners feel prepared to discuss specific brands of drugs with informed patients.

Also, millennial doctors said peers are the biggest influence when considering new treatment options.

How does this research affect the patient journey and overall communication? Take a look at the infographic.


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