How to break down barriers in patient engagement

Nearly 90 percent of IT execs rank improving patient care and satisfaction as top priorities. Much of the work revolves around communication.

Patient engagement hinges on top-quality communication.

This infographic defines patient engagement as “consumer-facing technology that aims to get more people involved in their own health care.” Electronic health records, online appointment setting, educational resources and other digital tools can be used—or enhanced—to better meet patient needs.

Transcend Insights says the most significant barrier to patient engagement is a lack of interoperability. The bottom line: Hospitals and providers that have systems and data that “talk to each other” are valued by patients.

Other barriers to patient engagement include:

• Confusion over hospital discharge instructions and home care

• Insufficient health literacy

• Misunderstanding of ailments

To better understand person-centric communication and health care, look at the infographic.


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