How to get headlines about your funding news

You might be excited about your fresh influx of cash but getting outside eyes to care is more complicated than just spitting out a press release. Consider these insights before pitching.

Your funding success can feel like a big story.

Company leaders raising capital pour hours (and their heart and soul) into pitch meetings, prep work and negotiations to secure their term sheet. When everything is signed and the funds come through, it’s time to celebrate and share the news.

The ball bounces into your PR team’s court as they hustle to piece together a strong press release, set up a media exclusive and disseminate the news to key industry reporters.

Not too long ago your funding news would be enough to lock you in an interview with Fortune or The Wall Street Journal. Now, however, you’re competing amongst hundreds of other companies that are announcing funding, and you can bet there will be ones with a higher

round. So how can you earn visibility in a saturated news cycle?

Tell a story

Funding news is always relevant to reporters who cover deals, but the way you frame your pitch can determine if you’re included as one sentence in a roundup or land you a feature interview. The key part of this is to tell a narrative beyond just the money.

What else can you use to hook a writer for a bigger story? One solution is to couple other news with your funding announcement.

This interview was published on took such an approach. Rather than leading with a typical funding announcement that could read as, “Drop raises $21 million in Series A,” the team worked with the reporter to lead with additional news the company had to share (in this case a new hire), paired with what the startup does. The result got the client in the headline, reading “Drop, a rewards app start-up snags Airbnb’s former head of engineering” with a subtitle “Drop raised $21 million in series A funding to grow its loyalty rewards app.”

Think outside the box

Don’t think your hard-earned $3 million isn’t press worthy, but you will have to get creative on messaging.

Another example of this can be seen in Catalia Health‘s unique seed raise that was spread out in three announcements: seed ($1.5 million), seed extension ($2.5 million), and then our cheeky-named lagniappe round ($4 million) which is French Cajun for “a little something extra.”

The lagniappe news release gave us the chance to touch base with reporters who missed the previous announcements or wanted to follow up on how the company was doing several months later. In this case, the breakdown of the announcements enabled the PR team to secure multiple points of coverage, with a quirky tribute paying homage to the founder’s hometown roots.

Expand your audience

While the positioning of your announcement is key to landing press, it’s also beneficial to rethink the audience you want to reach and how that impacts the media outlets you engage.

Don’t ignore the often low-hanging fruit. Top tier business, tech and mainstream news outlets are almost always the targets when pitching funding news, but it’s smart to step back and evaluate who else you want to reach because you could be missing out on coverage. Working with trade outlets is a smart way to land in-depth features in front of the industry that could land you key sales or partners.

It’s also valuable to leverage your funding to assist with other company endeavors—for example, acquiring talent.

How would you pitch a fundraising success story, PR Daily readers?

Emily Webb is an account manager with BAM Communications. A version of this article originally appeared on the Bam Communications Spectrum blog.

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