In an emergency, don’t wing it

A crisis communications plan can stabilize an organization in freefall. Are you prepared for close media scrutiny?

A reputation takes years to build—and just minutes to destroy.

In today’s fast-paced media environment, mistakes are amplified and any customer interaction can trigger an online referendum on your brand.

Are you prepared for the social media mob with their digital torches and pitchforks?

Nick Lanyi has advised Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, trade associations and nonprofits. Now he brings his years of experience to help you craft a disaster readiness plan at Ragan’s Crisis Communications MasterClass on Dec. 7 in Santa Monica, California.

Our daylong workshop features sessions on essential topics including:

  • How to ensure top leaders participate in crisis planning
  • How to use your spokesperson’s personality to your advantage
  • How to prioritize media requests amid journalists’ feeding frenzy
  • Concrete actions a communicator can take to repair a damaged reputation

This workshop is a must for media relations and communications professionals of all stripes and backgrounds. The media environment has changed drastically, so make sure the media revolution is working to your advantage with the latest best practices and insider tips.

Your reputation took years and careful labor to build; it deserves a strong and thoughtful defense. Join Nick for a day, and be prepared for 10,000 tomorrows.

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