Infographic: Adults need vaccines, too

The debate about measles vaccinations for babies mustn’t keep doctors from promoting adult inoculations. At any age, vaccines are the key to disease prevention.    

Age-specific vaccines are often overlooked by patients. That means it’s time for physicians to be more attentive to adults who may be due for some shots.

This infographic says that chicken pox, sexually transmitted diseases, whooping cough and other illnesses that adults may contract can usually be prevented—if people are vaccinated.

For example, patients:

  • Living in college dorms can be encouraged to get HPV, influenza and measles shots

  • Getting ready to retire can be reminded about flu shots and shingles vaccines

  • Planning to travel overseas can consider hepatitis, measles and meningitis inoculations

One important note about older Americans who received vaccines as children. Some people may need a booster or additional dose if their original shots were administered 50 years ago.

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