Infographic: E-signatures can improve the patient experience

The health care industry is laden with paperwork, a source of frustration for those on both sides of the clipboard. Electronic signatures ease patient admissions and the coordination of care.    

Communicating through piles of paperwork when people are poised to receive medical care isn’t the way to score points on patient surveys. That’s one reason e-signatures are gaining favor in health care circles.

Electronic approvals also reduce inefficiencies in claims processing, which cost $210 billion annually, according to an infographic from Health

  • Paperwork can add 30 to 60 minutes to every hour of patient care provided.

  • Discharge plans can run 30 pages, regardless of the complexity of care.

  • A Medicare patient arriving at an emergency room has to review and sign eight separate forms for the health insurer alone.

E-signatures allow health care transactions to be paperless. As a result, doctors have more time to engage with patients. In addition, patients can complete forms online, in advance of appointments.

Is your facility inching toward going paperless to improve patient experiences?

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(Image via) First published in 2015.


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