Infographic: Ease blood donors’ jitters, and highlight their vital gift

For National Blood Donor Month, your medical personnel can offer essential facts to assuage fears and remind people just how important their donation is.

What happens to your body when you give blood?

In January, National Blood Donor Month, patients might be asking your doctors and other medical staff that very question. Answering it clearly and succinctly is crucial to keeping the supply of blood flowing to blood banks and hospitals.

You can spell out the impact with this infographic from the Sharp Health News website.

For example, the infographic notes that the technician will take only one pint of blood from a person’s veins (men have about 12 pints in their bodies; women have 10), and the body will start making new blood immediately.

It also highlights the urgency of donations: Every two seconds in the United States there is need for a blood transfusion.

View the infographic to learn more.


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