Infographic: Educating parents about congenital heart defects

Every 15 minutes, another baby is born with a CHD. February’s designation as National Heart Awareness Month is helping spread valuable information to expectant parents and families.    

Congenital heart defects are the most common birth defect in the U.S.

According to this infographic:

  • Some 40,000 children are born with a CHD each year.

  • CHDs are the No. 1 leading cause of deaths related to birth defects.

  • One-third of kids born with a CHD require a life-saving treatment before their first birthday.

  • There are no known causes of congenital birth defects, but alcohol, some prescription drugs and a father’s exposure to pesticides could be contributing factors.

That’s important information for OB/GYN and pediatrics practitioners.


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