Infographic: Educating parents about teen use of e-cigarettes

Many adults recognize the signs when kids use drugs or alcohol. Electronic cigarettes are much harder to detect but pose a serious health danger that parents must understand.    

Some 1.78 million adolescents have experimented with “vaping.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the ease of e-cigarettes is appealing to kids and teenagers. What’s worse is that many parents don’t know their children are vaping, because there’s no smoke or odor.

Electronic cigarettes deliver flavored nicotine and other chemicals through an aerosol mist, a dangerous practice for teens and adults alike. In teens, nicotine consumption hampers brain development.

This infographic from Liahona Academy says the heat from e-cigarettes creates a freebase form of nicotine that’s more addictive.

Health care communicators can share the following information with parents who suspect their kids may be indulging in this growing trend:

  • People who vape tend to have a persistent dry cough or throat/mouth irritation.

  • Health care pros should show parents what e-cigarettes look like.

  • Practitioners can familiarize adults with the flavor vials that are sold with lighters and other paraphernalia.

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