Infographic: Empower your audiences to take charge of their health

Health Literacy Month is communicators’ chance to educate people in ways that can help them better function and respond to life events. Consider these examples.

Wouldn’t your job be easier if consumers were as informed about health issues as you are?

They’d make better decisions, enabling you to focus on your priorities instead of dealing with rumors and putting out fires sparked by inaccurate information and “fake news.”

October is Health Literacy Month—a perfect opportunity for health care communicators to reach out to consumers about health issues.

Whether you work for a hospital, health care association, government agency, university or a community organization, your ability to educate your publics is crucial to doing your job well.

Health Literacy Month has been observed in October since 1999. The official website explains:

It’s about taking action and finding ways to improve health communication. Health Literacy Heroes are individuals, teams, or organizations who not only identify health literacy problems but also act to solve them. You can help by recognizing and cheering on those you consider as Health Literacy Heroes

To learn more about being a “Health Literacy Hero” (this year’s theme), click here.

Health Education Associates looks at the issue of increasing health literacy on three levels in its infographic . Here’s the breakdown:

  • Core health literacy focuses on “conveying understanding of concepts and on teaching basic skills that help the individual function in every situation.”
  • Engaged health literacy means “individuals are better able to act independently through increased knowledge, motivation, and self-confidence.”
  • Influential health literacy helps individuals gain “greater control over their life events and situations.”

The infographic provides a list of skills and examples that communicators and others can use to promote independence and empowerment on health care issues. Check the list out here.


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