Infographic: Help patients detect nutritional deficiencies

As patients become more involved with their own health care, they should recognize signs that changes in vitamin and food intake may be needed.

A person’s diet affects everything from the mouth and fingernails to skin and the heart.

Your patients might not be paying close attention to some of the nuances in their physical being, which are easy to notice. For example:

  • Cold hands may indicate a magnesium deficiency or hypothyroidism.

  • Dark rings or bags under the eyes may mean a food intolerance or allergy.

  • Swelling near the throat could be a sign of thyroid problems or an iodine deficiency.

  • Tender calf muscles can be the result of a magnesium deficit.’s infographic offers important indicators you’ll want to share with patients.

(View a larger image) Nutritionaldeficiencies_infographic


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