Infographic: How digital health influences patients and doctors

Eighty-five percent of health care providers want to boost communication with patients. What are you doing to keep pace with new technology?

The digital revolution in health care has changed the overall health of the public, according to Health IT Consultant.

Its infographic says access to information and data storage are just two of the driving forces behind digital health care. The areas that are evolving in the industry include:

  • Personalized medicine: Genome sequencing that can identify hereditary markers and encourage prevention and proactive health care.

  • Global mobile health: Connects communication with biometrics, offering real-time feedback from professionals.

  • Individual empowerment: Provides patients with easy access to health information and monitoring tools.

Health care pros say integrated communication is the (tidal) wave of the future. Take a look at this infographic to see if you are swimming—or struggling.

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