Infographic: How influencers make their money

In order to partner with these internet personalities, marketers must fully understand the business model. Here’s how these valuable voices say they get paid.

Influencer marketing has become an essential messaging channel for marketers and PR pros.

As brand managers look to recapture consumer trust and build new audiences, turning to trusted online figures has proven a valuable way to build a following. So, how can your organization develop a robust strategy for partnering with influencers?

It helps to know how they build their business.

Kite asked over 200 of these social media stars to describe how they talk to their audiences and make money from their online presence, with the data compiled in this infographic.

Top insights include:

  • Sponsored content is the most important part of an influencer’s portfolio.
  • YouTube is the top platform for influencer content.
  • Many influencers look to other channels to pad their earnings, including guest speaking and branded merchandise.

To learn all the ways you organization might partner with an influencer, consider the full infographic.


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