Infographic: Identifying and fending off workplace space invaders

If you’ve ever wished you could slide down a tube into another world to escape your co-workers, this graphic is for you.

The most daunting challenges at work often stem from working with other people.

If you’ve ever been a cubicle jockey, you know what—or whom—we’re talking about.

Workfront has created an infographic detailing five pernicious “species” of time-wasting office denizens. It uses classic video game avatars to highlight workplace distractions caused by “The Oversharer,” “The Inbox Inundator” and the dreaded “Note Stalker.” “The New Bestie” and “The Cubicle Crusher” are other lurking dangers who can sap your time—and your patience.

Instead of suggesting that you consume mushrooms or gear up a roundhouse kick to neutralize the threat, Workfront offers more helpful suggestions to mitigate the perils of these office denizens.

To combat “The Oversharer,” for example, simply switch the inappropriate topic to a work-related matter. As for the ghoulish “Note Stalker,” the graphic advises establishing a formal request pipeline—sans Post-it notes.

“The Cubicle Crusher”—or someone who frequently pops by unannounced to make requests—may be the toughest of all workplace villains to vanquish. Telecommuting is the only reliable antidote.

No matter what level you’re on in your career quest, the infographic below offers helpful workplace game tactics.


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