Infographic: #KnowYourManFacts celebrates International Men’s Health Week

Campaign spreads awareness of mental and physical health issues affecting men.

Father’s Day gets all the glory in June.

Fewer people, perhaps, know about International Men’s Health Week, which runs June 11–16, 2018.

During International Men’s Health Week, the nonprofit Australian Men’s Health Forum is bringing awareness to men’s health through the #KnowYourManFacts campaign, a series of highly sharable graphics and infographics which highlight facts about men’s health for both men and the people who care about them.

One particular infographic, which encapsulates many of the campaign’s poignant facts, highlights pertinent statistics that affect men, including life expectancy and suicide incidence. The infographic also breaks down lifestyle factors that contribute to men’s health issues, including a healthy diet, regular exercise and social factors that keep men healthy, including the involvement of fathers in sons’ lives and the importance of education.

Especially pertinent, following a spate of prominent suicides, is a section at the bottom that highlights ways to be an ally to men. The infographic advises men to “be a healthy role model,” “be a great listener” and simply “be there.”

The infographic highlights these facts:

  • Men account for three of four suicides and 95 percent of workplace fatalities
  • Men under the age of 65 suffer four times more heart disease deaths
  • Men suffer two of three preventable deaths
  • Women live about six years longer than men on average

See the full infographic.


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