Infographic: March is National Kidney Awareness Month

More than 20 million Americans live with chronic renal disease. Communicators can educate consumers on preventing this condition, which is among the top 10 causes of death in the U.S.    

One-third of Americans are at risk of developing chronic kidney disease, due to:

  • High blood pressure

  • Family history

  • Diabetes

In addition, 95,000 people are in need of transplants. There are usually no symptoms associated with initial stages of renal disease; however, screenings and early detection often help head off CKD.

An infographic from the National Kidney Foundation says those more likely to develop kidney problems are:

  • African-Americans

  • People age 60 and older

  • White women

Health care PR and marketing professionals can take action and encourage annual screenings. There’s also a “Kidney Quiz” that you can share with patients to help them learn more.


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