Infographic: Nurses’ social media habits

Survey results reveal 65 percent of nurses are using mobile devices for work-related tasks at least 30 minutes a day.

They’ve gone digital.

Five in six (83 percent) of the nurses polled by Wolters Kluwer Health say they are allowed to access the Internet and social media to help with patient conditions.

An infographic that highlights the research on nurses’ digital habits also indicates:

  • 20 percent of respondents say they are online at least two hours of their shifts.

  • 60 percent of respondents say they use social media to follow health care issues at work.

  • 86 percent say they follow health care issues on social media when off-duty.

Are employers receptive to nurses’ use of social media while on the clock?

This survey finds that 89 percent of health care organizations allow nurses to use online search engines at work.


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