Infographic: Storytelling tips to capture readers’ hearts

Want to increase the likelihood of audiences reading and engaging with your content? Tell them stories. These tactics can help you craft a captivating brand narrative.

Not much has changed since childhood; compelling narratives are still captivating.

Whether it was listening to your parents read bedtime stories, sitting on carpet squares for story time during elementary school or now reading organization’s digital content, powerful storytelling is what everyone craves.

With an overabundance of content available, audiences won’t waste their time with dry, stale sales content.

What, then, are the keys to writing a compelling story that inspires readers to act? This infographic from MyTasker offers guidance.

It suggests:

  • Home in on only one topic.
  • Craft an introduction that pulls readers in right off the bat.
  • Be concise.
  • Include visuals with your copy for a deeper emotional connection.

For more ways to tell a story that audiences will love, see the full infographic below.


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