Infographic: The 10 greatest medical inventions of the past 50 years

From MRIs and CT scans to robotic surgery and telehealth, see these 10 things that were only Jetson-like dreams a half-century ago.

My daughter, a nurse practitioner, uses mobile apps on her phone to help care for patients.

An allergist I once visited received a text while he was caring for me. It was the photo of a rash from another patient, allowing him to see the problem without his patient driving more than an hour for an office visit.

When I had major surgery a few years ago, I was home the next day, thanks to the minimally invasive techniques of a da Vinci surgical robot.

Another time, an MRI provided reassurance that I wasn’t a candidate for a knee replacement—yet.

Sixty years ago, these technologies didn’t exist. Today, mobile health, telehealth, robotics, and 3-D imaging are commonplace in health care.

Take a look at this infographic from to see the top 10 medical inventions of the last 50 years.

(View larger image.)


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