Infographic: The emerging role of mobile technology in health care

Laptops, cell phones and tablets are making it easier to stay connected to patients. Are you incorporating their use into your practice?

Mobile technology has become a powerful tool in the health care industry.

Medical practices can contact patients electronically to schedule and confirm appointments, refill medications, share test results and file or pay claims. Apps and mobile devices enable patients to monitor health goals, receive reminders to take their meds, and consult with physicians in real time via video chat.

When it comes to all the ways you can use technology to interact with your patients, one thing is certain: If there’s not an app for it now, there will be one soon.

The following infographic from the Health Informatics Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago draws attention to:

  • Quick stats regarding device use and mobile applications
  • Benefits of using mobile technology for hospitals, patients and insurance companies
  • Descriptions of several apps used in the health care industry

You can view a larger image of the infographic here .


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