Infographic: Unplug and focus to find your next big idea

For busy health care communicators, a ‘Think Week’ can help you recharge and tap into a wellspring of creativity.

Bill Gates does it twice a year—and so can you. It’s called a “Think Week,” and it’s a way to boost your productivity and keep that PTO you’ve been accruing from going to waste.

The life of a communications professional is challenging on the best days. You spend your waking hours inundated with so much messaging that it becomes difficult to hear your own thoughts after a while. There’s never enough manpower, time or money in the budget to satisfy that growing list of objectives.


This infographic from illustrates the benefits of a self-imposed retreat. You’ll want to:

  • Have specific goals to work on during this time
  • Limit distractions by powering off your phone, avoiding social media and staying off the internet
  • Devote some time to exercise and engage in activities that will aid your focus and help you stay grounded

This isn’t something you have to do alone. Going offsite just might help your team brainstorm your organization’s next stellar campaign.

Consult the infographic, then block off an afternoon, a weekend or a week to get away. It’s time to restore your sanity.


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