Infographic: Urging winter sports lovers to use their heads

73 percent of people who ski and snowboard have never worn a helmet. That’s not good.

The average speed of people skiing and snowboarding is 22 miles per hour.

This infographic indicates that 66 percent of skiers and snowboarders have been injured during their sports outings.

Why aren’t more outdoor winter enthusiasts wearing helmets? There are a host of reasons, including:

  • Helmets are uncomfortable.

  • Helmets aren’t necessary; I’m safe on the slopes.

  • Helmets are too expensive.

  • Helmets are inconvenient to pack.

  • Helmets don’t look good on me.

What is your team doing to overcome these objections and educate people about helmet safety during winter sports? Think concussions and contusions.

(View the full image here)

Use Your Head
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