Infographic: Use of health apps to skyrocket

If your hospital isn’t on board, you’ll want to get moving.

Check out the latest infographic from The Spark Report.

The illustration examines how the growing use of smartphones and apps affects people’s management of their health. It concludes that in the next three years, health app use will skyrocket. Now is a great time for hospitals and those in the health industry to get on board.

The infographic pulls data from Nielsen, Pew Research Center, Cisco, PWC and more. Look at these interesting stats:

  • Smartphones in use worldwide surpassed 1 billion in 2012, with the next billion predicted to be in use by 2015.
  • Time spent on mobile apps increased by 120 percent from 2011 to 2012.
  • More than half of smartphone owners gather health information on their phones.
  • More than half of patients expect that apps and other mHealth services will make healthcare more convenient in the next three years

Mollie Ottenhoff is a writer at DCInteractiveGroup. A full version of this article also appears on DC Interactive’s Spark Report.

(View larger image.)


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