Infographic: Wake patients up about sleep deprivation

Well-rested people are healthier and happier—and in the minority. Health care providers can encourage several behaviors to help those in need of a good night’s sleep.    

The average person sleeps less than seven hours a night, a practice that can lead to a number of health-related problems.

People who are consistently sleep-deprived can suffer from:

  • Elevated blood pressure

  • A greater likelihood of developing diabetes and becoming obese

  • Slower reaction times when driving

Health care providers can explore sleep apnea issues with patients, too. This infographic says sleep apnea occurs when breathing stops for 10 to 30 seconds. This condition can lead to snoring, loss of sleep and even fatal car accidents.

Offer these suggestions to people who need more slumber:

  • Keep electronics and gadgets out of the bedroom

  • Avoid foods with sugar and heavy carbs

  • Forbid pets in your bedroom, especially on your bed

(View larger image here)


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