Infographic: What does your IQ have to do with binge drinking?

See what a youth’s intelligence has to do with alcohol consumption later in life.

Studies spanning 55 years in the US and United Kingdom looked at intelligence and alcohol consumption. Believe it or not, results showed that people who are super smart in their teens are more likely to binge drink later in life.

Here are a few of the findings:

  • For every six pack of beer consumed by a “very dull” person, with an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 75 or less, a “very bright person,” having an IQ of 125 or more, will consume 14 beers.
  • A very bright will binge drink more than a very dull person.
  • College graduates binge drink less than high school dropouts, high school graduates or people with some college.

To learn more about the study, see the infographic from

(View larger image.)

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