MediLocator app helps patients record a doctor’s instructions

Check out some other cool features this app can offer.

The Affordable Health Care Act and the highly competitive nature of the health care industry are two factors driving health care organizations to place greater focus on improving patient experience and patient satisfaction.

Hospitals and medical centers that desire to maximize their reimbursements—a considerable financial incentive—must observe many criteria. A few of these key performance indicators include access to physicians, patient information and overall patient satisfaction scores.

Smartphone app development company eTELu, LLC., is adding new features to their MediLocator app that will further engage the patient, improve patient experience and patient satisfaction. Patients will now be able to record their doctor’s instructions, which can be automatically emailed to a caregiver or loved one, and can be played back and reviewed at a later time.

Ensuring that doctor’s instructions are followed will enhance the patient experience, but will also improve patient compliance. This will help reduce the number of re-admissions, which is a substantial cost factor for hospitals and medical centers.

The indoor way finding capabilities of the MediLocator App enable patients or family members to navigate from their front door directly to a patient room, department, cafeteria, or anywhere within the hospital. Patients can also navigate from the hospital to offsite labs, clinics or pharmacies. People can track a loved one through surgery, check ER wait times, retrieve test results and other medical data, use the symptom checker service, donate to the Foundation and even order flowers from the gift shop.

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