Steps for boosting your health care organization’s online reputation

This infographic breaks down the numbers behind the importance of a strong web presence for your facility or practice.

In the 21st century, you’re nobody unless you’re somebody online.

Peer recognition, industry awards and other accolades are no longer enough. Businesses need a credible online footprint to remain relevant, attract new clients, shape their image and build the narrative around their brand.

This sort of visibility is important to prospective patients whose lives and health outcomes depend largely on their choices about care providers.

Share this infographic from InboundMd with professionals in your health care organization when you are making the case to boost your online efforts. Key figures include data from several sources that show:

  • The percentage of patients searching for health information online
  • User stats on health care related online reviews
  • The impact of negative reviews on a health care practice
Online Reputation Facts
Courtesy of: InboundMD


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